We accompany you in visualizing your scientific and technological advancements.

Illustrations, 3D animations, VR applications.

All the illustrations and animations on the website are original works created for our clients.


Illustration for Science & Vie Magazine – Enzymes for DNA reconstruction.

Do you want to communicate about your technological advancements through an animated film, an illustration, or an interactive application?

Communication is about understanding the other. Because each situation and each partner are unique. To feel, to make others understand, to teach, to attract… These are all ambitions to achieve personalized, innovative, and relevant visual productions with immersion and simplicity. Pushing the limits of knowledge with artistic and didactic creations.

For Sanofi. Excerpt from the film Vaccination.

Do you want to communicate in the most beautiful way without sacrificing the scientific message?

IMASCIENCE is a visual communication agency specializing in the sciences. We accompany you in creating communication tools with artistic sensitivity. But the agency’s other strong point is to provide you with our proven expertise in visually representing scientific processes.

Our goal: to animate a description, step by step, as accurately and effectively as possible.

Phileo – Chicken Intestine Clostridium Pathology.

Are you looking to create effective demonstrations of your modes of action?

IMASCIENCE simplifies complex subjects to make them understandable, leveraging our recognized expertise in scientific popularization and creating scientifically accurate images accessible to all. The agency knows how to understand your characteristics and highlight what sets you apart without losing the scientific depth.

Our goal: to showcase the key determining factors with animated scientific representations that are clear and easily memorable.

Nordic Pharma – Administration mode of a medication.

Are you in need of an engaged and specialized interlocutor in the field of sciences who is highly responsive?

IMASCIENCE is composed of a multidisciplinary team that brings together all the necessary internal skills for the development of your scientific and medical 3D animation, as well as interactive applications. From conception to realization (scientific illustration, animation, 3D modeling, programming, ergonomics, etc.), the entire production chain is integrated within our agency, with no freelancers or subcontractors involved.

We analyze your needs to provide you with the best communication solutions.

Listening is at the heart of our process. Whether you want to showcase your scientific and medical processes, train your employees, or inform about technological advancements, we accompany you in the design of communication materials tailored to your industry and professional reality, using our scientific illustrations.

Scientific illustrator

Scientific illustrator

Visual representations that are attractive and educational. Present your writings with scientific images and medical illustrations. Show the invisible!

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Science & Life – Formation of gas planets

3D animation studio

3D animation studio

Translate your scientific knowledge into an explanatory and prospective story with 3D video.
Capture the attention of your audience, arouse curiosity, and bring your projects to life

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Polymer Chemistry – Micelle

Virtual reality designer

Virtual reality designer

Immersive applications in virtual reality and augmented reality with high illustrative and functional value. Dive your users into the heart of your actions

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Orinox – The heart of a nuclear power plant

Mobile application developer

Mobile application developer

Real interactive communication tools to support your sales presentation. Transport your scientific explorations into a 3D viewer and tutorial!

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ACS Catalysis

With twenty years of experience in scientific popularization, we provide services that are truly tailored to your profession.

We create clear visuals and develop appropriate scientific scenarios to support innovation, discovery, education, or decision-making in various scientific fields, such as physics, chemistry, technology, or any other scientific specialty.

We aim to make an impact and help you communicate your research through realistic scientific imagery.
We create compelling staging and graphic styles, ensuring that the message is adapted to your target audience.
We find the appropriate communication approach for each level of understanding.

Prostrakan Laboratory – Abstral Sublingual Tablet

Your challenges:

  • Drug mode of action
  • Communicating with non-experts in scientific language
  • Obtaining approval for a biotechnology agreement
  • Understanding therapeutic contexts and drug interactions
  • Implementing theoretical knowledge into practice.

Guy Amsallem – Orthopedics – Shoulder Repair

Your challenges:

  • Effectively communicating study results
  • Raising awareness about the disease to enhance understanding
  • Explaining surgical techniques and procedures to learners
  • Engaging with an audience with limited scientific knowledge
  • Embarking on a journey to explore the human body.

Ciel & Espace – Curiosity on Mars

Your challenges:

  • Crafting narratives for your R&D advancements for each target group
  • Securing funding from investors
  • Engaging with partners on new projects
  • Illustrating your scientific publications to enhance the content
  • Making a non-existent innovation visible.

Sanofi – Virtual Tour of Facilities

Your challenges:

  • Describing your manufacturing processes
  • Contributing to employee, learner, and client training
  • Guiding users through maintenance operations
  • Memorizing a technological process
  • Assisting in the implementation of a mechanical part.

Les Forges de la Hunaudière

Your challenges:

  • Tracing the history of civilizations
  • Reconstructing lost or inaccessible monuments and objects
  • Immersing your visitors in an immersive universe with or without VR
  • Taking them on a journey through time and space with past or future explorations
  • Creating a structured exhibition itinerary.

Young Farmers – The Journey of Milk.

Your challenges:

  • Developing self-directed and flexible learning
  • Efficiently delivering courses in-class or remotely
  • Utilizing digital tools as a driver for continuous learning
  • Acquiring or revising knowledge with learner tracking capabilities
  • Creating distance learning programs using tools that can leverage 3D and interactivity.