You work in the research and innovation sector, in scientific and technical fields, and you want to communicate to share a concept, convey scientific knowledge, obtain funding, and promote your profession. IMASCIENCE, a scientific visual communication and multimedia design consulting agency, offers customized solutions to precisely meet your needs and effectively reach your target audience: healthcare partners, funders, students, the general public, and more.

Technology illustration, scientific 3D animation, virtual reality or mobile applications are capable of making even the most complex content attractive.

Enhance your scientific research with 3D animation

Why use visuals to talk about Research & Development? Science is often not easy to explain in few words. However, images can easily achieve this to create memorable, attractive, and interactive scientific communications.

Describing complex mechanisms accurately

A scientific illustration or a 3D animation film highlights sophisticated processes. They narrate each scientific discovery in an interactive and educational manner so that your audience can easily remember the facts and issues presented.

Approaching health topics from the perspective of the audience

In the fields of health, nanomaterials, and cell layers, our scientific illustrators put themselves in the shoes of the message recipient. They aim to help them discover the advancements in research by scripting the statements of researchers or healthcare professionals. A 3D medical animation is created by analyzing scientific publications and translating them into precise images on the subject, making them more easily accessible.

Developing interactivity with private and public research stakeholders

From touchscreen training during conferences to immersive virtual reality experiences with headsets, interactive media can be powerful if they are fully aligned with your vision and the research you wish to communicate.

That’s why our 3D animation studio focuses on developing interactive scientific solutions that combine precise and user-friendly navigation while visually telling your story. The goal is to provide your audience with a clear understanding of the research topic within 3 to 4 minutes. The best experiences are those in which the audience actively participates, even if it’s in a virtual setting.

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Stand out with customized scientific illustrations and animations

Scientific visualization allows you to showcase a project, product, or innovation that doesn’t exist yet, or a medical, molecular, or cellular process that is not visible to the naked eye. An original, impactful, and personalized animation can serve as a powerful communication tool.

3D Animation Video

3D modeling represents objects ranging from the nanoscale to large architectural structures. A digital simulation developed through the technical and creative expertise of our experts; a real added value for your research.

Scientific Illustration 2D and 3D

A 2D infographic or a 3D illustration visually support your content, whether it’s scientific research findings or future R&D projects. They explain or seamlessly integrate into the corresponding text in a harmonious and coherent manner. Popularizing does not mean simplifying a scientific text, but rather making it more readable and accessible

Virtual Reality Application

The use of computer-generated imagery techniques allows for the creation of dynamic and immersive virtual tours. It offers a unique sensory experience that immerses users in your research environment. Our developers, graphic designers, and 3D animators design customized applications for you, whether it’s in virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality.

Mobile Application

This interactive and mobile training tool offers two advantages: it serves as an effective means of sharing information about your research and innovations, and it allows you to access and present this information regardless of your location, whether you’re in an external meeting or at a professional trade show.

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