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A team with a passion
for science and images

Do not search anymore. We have the popularization of science through images in our DNA.

Since 2012, IMASCIENCE has been involved in scientific visual communication. Our 3D animation and virtual reality studio has all the necessary hardware and human resources to bring your projects to life, ranging from the medical field to the scientific world, as well as industry, museum design, and education.

Our in-house expertise combines intellectual and technical skills to meet scientific rigor and 3D modeling requirements. We create high-quality scientific popularization content through immersive virtual reality applications, scientific illustration, and 3D animation. We visualize your ideas!

Our vision: Authenticity and responsiveness

IMASCIENCE, authentic: building a relationship of trust

Listening to your needs, our small and multidisciplinary team of passionate and experienced professionals accompanies and advises you at every step of your project, fostering a reliable and long-lasting relationship. This added value is recognized by all our clients.

With a critical eye and attentive ear, we create unique technical and graphic productions tailored to your requirements, with precision, originality, and pedagogy.

Our goal is to make science accessible through visual communication and scientific popularization.

Christophe Martin, Fondateur et dirigeant d’IMASCIENCE

Illustration for Science & Vie magazine – Theme: New Research Tools.

IMASCIENCE responsive: your turnkey custom project

Our distinctiveness lies in having highly skilled professionals in our team with dual expertise in science and multimedia graphic design. An exclusively in-house team that enables us to manage your entire project from conception to delivery.

Because science does not settle for approximations, we make every effort to fully understand your subject. A genuine collaboration that brings you productivity and responsiveness.

What represents us:


Our actions: the alliance of visual communication and science

Drawing upon 18 years of experience in graphic design and multimedia conception, IMASCIENCE offers you an expert and informed vision of the profession. From decision-making support to choosing communication methods and technical implementations, we focus on a realistic and didactic graphic style. Scientists need to promote their activities, secure funding, and establish partnerships. Therefore, they must carefully craft their communication to make science accessible.

We transform your challenges into comprehensive and impactful 2D and 3D visuals, targeting diverse audiences: scientific professionals, industrial professionals, medical personnel, investors, the general public, and more.

Our areas of expertise include publishing, science, education, simulation, technology, medical, architecture, and advertising. We provide documentary illustrations, 3D modeling, CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), character creation, and 3D environments.

  • Expertise: Collaborate with scientific illustrators for your animations and immersive applications.
  • Creation process: Gain an overview of the different stages that constitute our methodology.
  • Pricing: Download our whitepapers on scientific illustration, 3D animation, virtual reality applications, and commercial mobile applications.


A team of experts dedicated to your scientific project

IMASCIENCE is a human-sized multimedia creative agency with a dedicated R&D department and a production team. Our multidisciplinary team brings its expertise in communication, 3D, design, and web/mobile application development to serve the fields of science, industry, research, innovation, education, and culture.

With a solid scientific background, our 2D and 3D animation studio understands your technical and medical language to translate your story into scientific images.

Our mission is to create visually captivating and realistic visuals. From defining your needs to the final production, our animated visuals faithfully correspond to your ideas.

Illustration for the Spanish magazine Quo. Theme: Can we fight against progress?


Louise Sudour

SCIENTIFIC MEDIATOR - Scripting Storyboard 3D Artist

Léa Leroux

3D ARTIST Modeling and Animation

Christophe Martin

Founding Director. Artistic Direction.

Emmanuelle Lemonnier

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. Customer Relation. Production Management

Romane Chatrefou

3D ARTIST Modeling and Animation

Julien Courtois

3D ARTIST Modeling and Animation