Scientific illustrations, visualizing for better understanding.

With recognized expertise in graphic design and new technologies, IMASCIENCE agency creates scientific illustrations, 2D or 3D medical animations, and interactive applications. Our primary mission is to provide visual, attractive, and educational solutions for your projects.

Whether in the medical, industrial, or educational field, including access to natural sciences and museography, a team of designers, illustrators, and graphic artists combine their skills and expertise to illustrate your concepts with relevance and creativity.

We translate your written works into images tailored to a specific audience, offering personalized and visually engaging scientific popularization.

Illustration réalisée pour le magazine Science & Vie : Le moustique, propagateur d'infection.

Illustration réalisée pour le magazine Science & Vie : Processus d'élaboration du vin rouge et du vin blanc


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, because visuals are accessible to everyone, 3D or 2D illustration makes sense in the scientific and medical fields to accompany theories and sometimes complex information.

Do you want to visualize the invisible, synthesize data, clarify a molecular structure, explain a biological mechanism, or depict the steps of a process?

Medical and scientific illustration eliminates unnecessary details, stages and highlights key ideas to remember with precision and pedagogy.

What is a scientific illustrator at IMASCIENCE?

Specialists in scientific communication and multimedia design accompany you throughout your project. They grasp technical language and visually translate it into a story through the creation of clear, precise, and educational images.

The goal is to advance knowledge in medical sciences and simplify the understanding of complex subjects, such as technology or physics and chemistry, which cannot be explained by words alone.

Our designers' work is to decrypt, sort, and stage scientific information. Artists, illustrators, and graphic designers imagine new 2D or 3D models, reconstruct objects, and draw cross-sections. Our illustrations aim to represent all your concepts in a scientifically accurate, sufficiently simplified, and visually aesthetic manner.

Illustration pour le magazine Science & Vie : Tokamak ITER Recherche fusion nucléaire

« Experts in media for over 30 years, we develop 2D and 3D scientific and medical animations to explain your concepts and bring them to life with precision and creativity. We translate the most technical information into engaging and accessible scientific animated films, suitable for all audiences, platforms, and applications. »

Christophe Martin

Scientific images in the service of communication and publishing

With experience in illustration practices and the use of advanced graphic software, IMASCIENCE agency operates in the field of natural sciences, health, medicine, and pharmacy.

Leading laboratories such as Sanofi and Sysley regularly entrust us with their projects.

We also create 2D and 3D images and infographics to illustrate communication materials, guide museum exhibitions, support articles in professional journals, or popular science magazines like Science & Vie.

With our clients, we foster a relationship of trust and provide tailored support.

  • Pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries
  • Higher education institutions
  • Research laboratories
  • Communication agencies
  • Scientific publishers and popular science magazines

illustration réalisée pour Bayer : IRM - Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division

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Our clients include major industrial groups, higher education institutions, research laboratories, medical device manufacturers, startups, communication agencies, and broadcasting companies.