Industrial 3D animation Gallery

Welcome to a world where science, industry, and 3D animation converge.

IMASCIENCE‘s 3D Animation Gallery for Research and Industry takes you on a journey through complex concepts and industrial processes, visually accessible and captivating. Whether it’s explaining Berkem Group’s Termifilm technology, diving into Nantes University’s Estuaire project, or showcasing SANOFI R&D’s new facilities, each animation is a blend of scientific accuracy, artistic creativity, and technological innovation. Explore our diverse range of projects and discover how we transform scientific communication through realistic and impressive 3D animations.

Atlantic’eau entrusted us with the production of this film to explain its action, as a water producer, to warn of the presence of metabolites in water. Metabolites are molecules resulting from the presence of pollutants in water such as pesticides.


The Berkem group has entrusted us with the production of this film to explain to their clients the product benefits of their Termifilm technology.


Nantes University has approached us to explain in a short video what the Estuaire project (in Saint Nazaire) is about.

This project involves the sharing of energy generated by local industries in a local exchange network.

Nof Metal Coating has entrusted us with the production of a 360° immersive video to explain the mode of action of their technology regarding protective coatings applied to metals.


To support the development of its client in Châteauroux, a new warehouse was established a few months ago. This represents a significant change in the working methods of the employees. As part of the preparation for the relocation, we created a 3D animation that reconstructs the site.

The objective was to address the operators’ concerns through change management, ensuring the continuity of operations and the motivation of the teams. Please find an excerpt below.


The company ORINOX has approached us to create 3D animations necessary for the preparation of maintenance operations on a large Canadian nuclear power plant. We visited the site and worked with the teams at the plant to develop scenarios for producing these animations.

The videos presented on the right are summaries of our work. The first one focuses on the core draining operations of the plant. The second video demonstrates the replacement of a seal that surrounds the reactor core. Lastly, the third video provides a virtual tour of the core with indications on the elements that need to be removed for maintenance purposes.

Gérard Mourou, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2018, has approached us to create a teaser video introducing his conferences on the advancements in his research, particularly focusing on the use of picosecond lasers for nuclear fusion.


SANOFI R&D has entrusted us with the production of a 3D animation for a virtual tour of the new laboratories in a building that is currently under construction.

Lifineo has approached us regarding the production of a 3D animation for the launch of their new concept.

Natidiv has entrusted us with the production of a 3D animation for the launch of their new baby bottle concept.

Sweetch Energy has entrusted us with the production of a 3D animation intended to present their technology.

Edikom has entrusted us with the 3D animation of the exploration of ancient Roman pipelines. (excerpt)

Orinox has entrusted us with the production of a short film. The goal is to showcase their activities in the industrial sector.

Sebbin Group has entrusted us with the production of a technical instructional video, and here is an excerpt (without explanatory text).

A production by La Huit

In collaboration with Universcience

European Physical Society

A 10-episode scientific series, each episode being 6 minutes long. We are responsible for creating the animated sequences.

Making of a medical communication project, including a significant amount of 3D animation.

  1. Scriptwriting,
  2. Rough, storyboard,
  3. Graphic design,
  4. Modeling,
  5. Texturing,
  6. Animation planning,
  7. Keyframe animation,
  8. Matte painting (graphic composition),
  9. Lighting,
  10. Rendering,
  11. 2D-3D special effects,
  12. Editing.