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With over 20 years of expertise in media, IMASCIENCE agency specializes in developing rigorous and creative 2D and 3D medical and scientific videos. We translate highly technical information into precise, engaging, and popularized scientific animations suitable for any audience, platform, and application.

Captivating, arousing curiosity, and exploring in the finest details, 3D animation serves as the interface between science and communication.

Demo 2020

3D medical animation, the visual storytelling of your scientific data

The objective of our scientific 3D animation studio is to convey complex information, facilitate understanding, and promote integration.

With an animated medical video, it is possible to represent in real-time:

  • The mechanism of action of a medication
  • The entry of a pathogen into a host cell
  • The progression of a surgical procedure or a research protocol
  • The evolution of data
  • The stages of a therapeutic treatment, and more.

Innovative 3D techniques provide the opportunity to realistically dive into the heart of cells and matter to describe concepts at the microscopic and nanoscopic scale.

With a solid understanding of science and technology, the team of designers, illustrators, and graphic artists in our 3D animation studio adapts to the constantly evolving industry to develop clear and captivating scientific animations. At the intersection of demonstration and education, they tell your audience a story that is accurate, original, and well-crafted. A story that conveys the essential information and sparks a desire to learn more.

Our video productions provide you with attractive and informative tools to talk about science and highlight the operational technicality of a product or process, their features, or advantages.

Engaging and educational science with 3D medical animation.

What is the purpose of 3D scientific animation?

Animated video speaks to everyone as it adapts to all. It is one of the most suitable forms to support innovation, discovery, education, or decision-making. Embrace creativity for enhanced pedagogy!

IMASCIENCE provides you with clear and appropriate visualization of scientific animations for:

  • Conferences or your website
  • Research and education, for student and engineer training
  • Healthcare, for patient and public awareness
  • Industry, for prototype and device demonstrations
  • Through interactive mobile creations (medical applications, educational platforms, and scientific games).

The ideal animation should be both explanatory and forward-looking.

REAXON From KeriMedical. 3D animation To highlight the mode of action of the device.

Making-of of a medical communication project.

1) Scenario,
2) Rough, storyboard,
3) Graphic design,
4) Modeling,
5) Texture,
6) Animation planning.
7) Step frame animation,
8) Graphic composition,
9) Lighting
10) Render calculation
11) 2D-3D special effects
12) Assembly


Custom-made achievements

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Scientific imagery serving communication and publishing

With experience in illustration practices and the use of advanced graphic design software, IMASCIENCE agency operates in the field of natural sciences, health, medicine, and pharmacy.

Major laboratories such as Sanofi, Nordic Pharma, and Phileo regularly entrust us with their projects.

We also create 2D and 3D images and infographics to illustrate communication materials, guide museum exhibitions, support articles in professional journals, and popular science magazines like Science & Vie.

With our clients, we establish a relationship of trust and provide tailor-made support for:

– Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
– Higher education institutions
– Research laboratories
– Communication agencies
– Scientific publishers and popular science magazines.

Our references

Our client references range from small companies to large corporations: industries, higher education institutions, research laboratories, medical device manufacturers, startups, communication agencies, and broadcasting companies.

We foster close collaboration to provide relevant and responsive solutions to meet your needs.