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Whether you need to present your work at a medical, pharmaceutical, or biotechnological conference, on a company or educational website, in a medical journal, or in the form of an interactive presentation, IMASCIENCE is here to help you convey your information clearly and accurately. Regardless of your audience – internal colleagues, healthcare professionals, funders, the general public, or the media – our extensive experience in medical sciences, graphic art, and visual communication allows your medical concepts to come to life through scientific illustrations, comprehensive slide decks, medical virtual reality, and 2D or 3D animated films. When the invisible is made visible!

Medical and scientific illustration tailored to business needs.

Visual communication is a perfect fit for the pharmaceutical industry, going beyond standard training tools. Through 3D communication materials, you demonstrate your most complex work in a concrete and understandable way, engage in conversations, and secure funding..

Telling the story of each medical treatment

The action of a pharmaceutical product on the human body is one of the most challenging scientific concepts to communicate. Why? Because its mechanism operates at a molecular level or in a hidden manner by triggering signals through cells, tissues, or organs. Thanks to 3D medical illustrations or animation videos,

your abstract concept becomes tangible, convincing, and memorable.

Raising awareness of the disease for better understanding

An audience that fully grasps the molecular and cellular processes leading to a disease is better equipped to understand exactly where and how a specific product interacts with them. Animation films allow us to enter the body and accurately represent the different stages of these processes, thus enlightening the perspective of healthcare professionals and patients.

Effectively communicating the results of a scientific study

In general, scientific studies and clinical trials consist of several pages of black text on white paper, filled with technical data and abbreviations. It is not guaranteed that your writings will be read with the level of interest they deserve, despite the time and effort you put into the analysis and writing. With a medical 3D animation, our experts create a powerful and personalized multimedia tool to present your study results with attention and impact.

Getting a biotechnology agreement approved

For the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the challenge is significant because the clarity of the agreement protocol is essential in the decision-making process. It can impact the approval or utilization of a new drug or therapeutic option. Healthcare professionals, patients, investors, and shareholders all demand relevant information about the benefits of your product when it comes to biotechnology.

Reaching a less scientifically experienced audience

Your investors and patients require a different approach to obtain information about a specific disease or a new medical treatment. 3D videos or medical virtual reality can employ short animated sequences to explain a scientific concept simply, with engagement and conviction. Our multimedia design specialists use clear and concise language, along with attractive and interactive visuals.

IMASCIENCE, our interactive visual communication solutions

Medical and scientific illustration

Drawing the sciences and making them realistic is the challenge of 2D infographics or 3D medical illustrations that maximize the clarity of your pharmaceutical processes.

3D Medical Animation

From surgical procedures to anatomical concepts to treatment demonstrations, medical animations have educational benefits for students and other target audiences, all in one viewing.

Medicine-oriented Virtual Reality Application

For biotechnology subjects, 3D animated video makes complicated content clear with captivating graphics and carefully crafted animations.

Innovative Mobile Application

The development of 3D mobile applications affirms your innovative positioning and optimizes your sales tools. Whether on iOS or Android, tablet or touchscreen, we design interactive and functional applications. The goal is to facilitate interactivity during business meetings and allow users to manipulate products or visualize industrial systems from all angles.

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