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IMASCIENCE agency creates all types of virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality applications to create unique immersive and interactive experiences.

Our goal: immerse the user in the heart of your experiences!

With recognized expertise in new multimedia technologies, a team of graphic designers and developers develops precise, realistic, and scalable 3D applications tailored to your needs.

New virtual reality technologies offer us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a reconstructed 3D world, perceived in depth and in real-time.

Create an interactive experience with virtual reality

To go beyond the effects of a scientific illustration, we develop 100% immersive applications for virtual reality headsets, touch tablets, and touch tables. These powerful interactive communication tools are designed for medicine and science.

The user is placed at the center of the action. With implementations tailored to each VR application, they can interact with their environment, engage in different scenarios safely, and even repeat simulations at will. All of this can be done without the need for specific equipment or posing any material or human risks.

Medical or scientific virtual reality, what is it for?

Your senses are heightened! It’s a cognitive, sensory, and motor exploration where anything becomes possible:

  • Visit a lost monument or a research laboratory closed to the public.
  • Use virtual reality in the medical field: manipulate stem cells, enter the human body.
  • Understand the stages of drug manufacturing.
  • Access dangerous sites like chemical industries or nuclear power plants.

Virtual Reality: A valuable and cost-effective strategy for medicine, research, education, and training.

Virtual reality solutions focused on the user experience.

«In virtual reality and augmented reality, poor implementation of tools can lead to symptoms of cyber sickness in some individuals. That’s why we pay great attention to the choice of interaction during immersion. We systematically ensure the elimination of any discomfort during the experience. IMASCIENCE’s 3D immersive applications are designed with thoughtful and optimized ergonomics so that the user can benefit from the advantages of virtual and augmented reality (guidance, immersive view) without experiencing any disturbances. No physiological characteristic should have a negative impact on the experience»

Eulalie Verhulst Ph.D. in Computer Science.
R&D Manager at Imascience.


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For each project, a customized interactive and immersive VR approach

Coming from various industries, our clients include biotechnology or nuclear industries, higher education institutions, research laboratories, universities, communication agencies, and broadcasting companies.