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In the era of multimedia and specialized in digital communication, IMASCIENCE offers you to dematerialize or create your commercial documents in turnkey interactive mobile applications for tablets and smartphones. Original and totally customizable, they represent playful, current and innovative interfaces for your professional descriptions. Brochures, demonstrators, sales products… Forget your briefcase, everything now fits in your pocket!

2 medical device presentation applications developed under the same graphic design guidelines.

Do you need to showcase your products or present data during a business meeting or trade show?


With our interactive business applications, you enhance the impact of your presentations:

  • Manipulate your 3D creations from all angles
  • Demonstrate complex devices
  • Showcase a range of products

All directly on your tablet or smartphone, without the need for a mouse or keyboard.

Moreover, regardless of your location and without the usual digital support, you have a link to quickly download your applications on iOS or Android.

Our application design is ergonomic and intuitive for users, combining UX and UI!

In addition to their convenience, our interactive solutions are also user-friendly and cost-effective. They can be independently used by different collaborators and presented to multiple clients simultaneously.

IMASCIENCE mobile applications enable you to enhance your communication materials. Unlike traditional brochures, updates can be easily implemented and customized based on user feedback and experiences.

Multiply your sales with customizable and innovative interactive applications.

Developed specifically for you and tailored to your brand, our multimedia interfaces are fully customizable. 3D models, photos, videos, explanatory labels, compositions, usage protocols, texts, references, key figures, graphs, internet links… Choose, remove, or add options to your interactive mobile application, and instantly see them displayed on the same screen.

Stand out! With recognized visual quality and impactful educational content, you assert your positioning to support your sales arguments and instantly address the interests and expectations of your audience.

By your side, an experienced team of designers and illustrators will develop YOUR interactive commercial application, from conception to publication, including development and design.

Application pour tablettes téléphone ou table tactile de présentation d’un dispositif médical.

« By your side, an experienced team of designers and illustrators develop YOUR interactive commercial application, from conception to publication, including development, animations, diagrams, highlighting key points, and design. »

Christophe Martin


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With an industry-specific approach focused on your core business, IMASCIENCE supports pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries, medical device manufacturers, startups, communication agencies, and broadcasting companies.