Some scientific concepts can be difficult to explain without a precise and engaging animated illustration. That’s why schools and educational institutions are increasingly using visuals for educational purposes.

IMASCIENCE develops 3D applications and animations, playful 2D posters, and illustrations tailored to your target audience. The type of support can vary, including scientific illustrations for textbooks, scientific journals, videos, and more. The purpose of these visuals is primarily didactic, but when combined with attractive graphics, they capture attention and enhance memory retention. We design customized and ready-to-use training tools that leverage the expertise of educators to provide clear, coherent, and comprehensive visual information.

Creating a scientific demonstration to enhance your training sessions

The role of a scientific illustrator is to create visual content, whether static or animated, using 3D technology, with the aim of enhancing a course on a scientific subject and facilitating its understanding. From the perspective of trainers, 2D animations and 3D modeling can also serve as powerful tools to support their teaching.

UIMM Rennes. Interactive touchscreen application for training in the steel industry.
Interactive 3D virtual experiment workstation.

An autonomous and flexible learning tool

At any time, new team members can join your team. E-learning can be implemented to provide them with information about the training program. It adapts to their level and pace to integrate the knowledge necessary for their role.

UIMM Rennes. Formulation Quiz. Answers are evaluated, hints are available. The student’s progress is tracked in their learning journey.

An effective training support for a masterclass

A 3D application helps support advanced courses and knowledge sharing by engaging learners’ existing and future scientific knowledge. Through presentations and collaborative learning activities, the interactive training support promotes knowledge synthesis and critical thinking.

UIMM Rennes. The exercises unlock progressively as the learner progresses. The student’s scores encourage them to retry the exercises.

Updating Learning

Ensuring that your team’s learning and training initiatives are up-to-date can be challenging. However, without adding staff or increasing travel budgets, an interactive animation can do it for you. Microlearning, webinars, and virtual classrooms allow your employees to acquire or review knowledge remotely, without interfering with their professional responsibilities. These tools are easy to update and deploy, quick to complete, and accessible on the go.

See our achievements

Case study in elementary school: a 3D application to discover the journey of milk

At IMASCIENCE, our scientific illustrators and web developers have fully designed and developed an interactive application for Young Farmers of Pays de la Loire.

Available on Android tablets and phones, this 3D application is aimed at a young audience and aims to explain the journey of milk to them.

A virtual farm has been recreated with all the necessary stages of milk production. Children can freely explore the farm, engage in a scavenger hunt-style activity, and earn points by completing various steps.

Some views of a scientific, fun and didactic 3D animation

We start the journey

The child earns points at each stage

He drives a tractor, a harvester or any other agricultural machine.

At the end of the game, the child knows the necessary steps in the production of milk. He can replay as many times as he wants.

This interactive game was declined in paper illustration and displayed in the classroom.

Scientific Visualization & Pedagogical Innovation

Multidisciplinarity is one of the strengths of the Imascience agency. Our team of graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and developers brings together all the internal skills related to the creation of immersive animations. We are dedicated to providing responsiveness and quality for your projects.

You are in close contact with one of our project managers who ensures daily communication and keeps you informed of the progress of your project. We strive to provide attractive, clear, and precise scientific communication.

Do you have a project? We work to bring it to life for you.

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