2D or 3D imagery is more impactful than lengthy written explanations when it comes to explaining and memorizing an industrial process, presenting a product or system, or providing training on assembly/disassembly of a mechanism. 3D technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and useful for businesses, offering high image quality and realistic representation.

IMASCIENCE, a specialized agency in animated and interactive visual creations, supports industrial companies in a pedagogical, engaging, and commercial manner to showcase their products and services.

With expertise in graphic design and multimedia development, our passionate team of professionals leverages new technologies to create scientific illustrations, 3D animations, and simulation applications that closely align with your concepts, delivering clear and convincing presentations.

What is the purpose of 3D illustration and animation in the industrial sector?

Today, there has been a significant increase in the demand for virtual technology in the industrial sector. The growing use of video conferencing and virtual meetings has stimulated the demand for immersive solutions. As a result, new media supplements traditional communication techniques and caters to various needs:

Orinox – Simulations d’installations industrielles.

Simplifying the explanation of a process or presenting a prototype:

Industrial processes often involve complex procedures. A 3D explanatory video animation allows us to break through the barriers of specialized domains.

An illustrated 3D technical diagram, a virtual reality industrial assembly line, a mechanism viewed from the inside through a 3D animated film – these immersive solutions elevate the information to the level of understanding of your target audience.

Orinox – VR – Demontage des installations

Creating training materials:

We create virtual training tools to guide users through maintenance operations or specific workstations. For example, within a nuclear power plant, a training program is implemented for newcomers using virtual simulators, virtual reality headsets and glasses, 3D animated films, and more. This helps anticipate and raise awareness of potential accidents or risks.

Institut Jean Lamour – Simulation du Tube de Daum.

Offer virtual tours:

In the healthcare sector, certain places are closed to the public, such as laboratories or chemical and medical factories. Virtual tours are created to make manufacturing processes clear and understandable. Users can immerse themselves in the heart of the profession through a 3D application: they can perform manufacturing operations, discover the technicality of machines, and observe the work of researchers.

Linking industrial technology and digital transformation: turnkey interactive and immersive solutions.

Abilways – Train Simulator – Incident Training.

3D Simulator

Industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment are embracing VR technology to meet business needs. The virtual simulator can support product design from a remote location: an interactive solution that combines 3D imagery, virtual reality, and industrial automation.

From the design of an industrial process to its validation, you can enable your collaborators and clients to interact, test the operation of the facility, and analyze the results. Optimize and develop to save time and money on experimentation.

Orinox – Description of the cooling system of a nuclear power plant.

3D illustrations

Entering inside a mechanism to show what the human eye cannot see. Or representing an industrial product in its natural environment or even before its launch. Illustration combined with technology makes the functioning understandable and memorable. The advantage of a 3D image is the ability to add elements without any technical constraints, unlike traditional photography.

Sweetch Energy – Reverse osmosis power generation system.

3D Animations

Industrial devices often use technical language that is difficult for non-specialists to decipher. A 3D animation video serves as a translation, as visuals have the power to be accessible and capture the attention of your target audience. Whether it’s describing a mechanical part in its operating context or illustrating a nanotechnological product, mastering processes such as 3D modeling, lighting, animations, and sound is crucial to their application.

UIMM – Tactile application for training in the principles of electrolysis and chemical deposits.

Innovative Mobile or VR Application

The development of 3D mobile or virtual reality applications asserts your innovative positioning and optimizes your sales tools. Whether on iOS or Android, tablet or touch table, we design interactive and functional applications. The objective is to facilitate interactivity during business meetings and allow users to manipulate products or visualize industrial systems from all angles.

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