An immersive VR application to train train conductors.

20 May 2022
20 May 2022 Christophe Martin

Digirail, a distance railway training organization, approached us to create a virtual reality application that validates rare procedures to be implemented in emergency situations faced by train conductors. It offers a unique training experience that immerses learners in the real-life conditions of their profession.

As specialists in health and safety at work for industrial sectors, IMASCIENCE places pedagogy at the center of its interactive 3D animations. Immersive learning is an engaging, motivating, and individualized approach to learning, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and level.


Operating a train requires rigorous hours of training, after which the train conductor becomes responsible for ensuring the smooth transport of passengers or goods. In real-life conditions, this training can be challenging as it requires the closure of track access, leading to costly disruptions in rail traffic.

Virtual reality offers a solution to this problem by faithfully reproducing the situation and immersing the learner in a realistic environment where they can practice safety procedures and perform their job tasks.

Development of the VR Learning experience through a comprehensive specification

Each emergency situation is associated with a specific procedure. Operating a train requires the ability to understand and execute these procedures independently in the train cab, with safety for all being the primary focus of this digital training. Our client, Digirail, has developed 9 possible scenarios corresponding to 9 different emergency situations, each with a specific procedure to be applied.

Immersive virtual reality allows trainee conductors to practice in a safe environment. VR training is individualized, allowing trainees to repeat procedures as many times as necessary. Real-time simulation enhances the memorization of information and the performance of required tasks.

3D modeling and development of virtual reality training

To create this customized interactive training module, our team modeled a 10 km railway track and a train cab. Interactions within the train cab were developed to provide the learner with a virtual replica of the control panel. This allows train conductors to familiarize themselves with their future working environment and identify the different elements necessary for safe operations.

The design experience (storyboarding, lighting, 3D animations) and the user experience (ergonomics, functionality, interactivity) are combined to provide a coherent immersive learning experience in line with the trainer’s objectives.

Testing phase prior to integrating the interactive VR application

The 9 scenarios are implemented and tested repeatedly to ensure the consistent functioning of the train cab in accordance with the emergency procedures to be followed. During the virtual experience, the learner is accompanied by a trainer who provides feedback on their experience and actions.

In this training experience, virtual reality does not replace the trainer but serves as a tool to assess the skills of each trainee and address any areas of misunderstanding.


The railway application developed allows train conductors to validate procedures in response to emergency situations that may occur during a journey. But it goes beyond that!

VR training also teaches how to manage emotions in stressful contexts. Confronting an emergency significantly increases stress levels and can paralyze learners in their responsiveness. Virtual reality prepares them to react appropriately in similar emergency situations. Our team adapts to the client’s needs in creating an interactive 3D application, with Digirail placing emotional learning at the heart of its training strategy.

  • A real-life learning tool that places the user at the center of the action
  • Total immersion, free from external distractions
  • A secure and controlled working environment
  • Rapid and lasting memorization of actions
  • Skills consolidation through repetition
  • A personalized immersive application tailored to the number of scenarios

Testimonial from Digirail

"In train operations, 3D Virtual Reality directly exposes learners to high-risk situations. Emotionally engaging, 3D VR work allows for the development of essential behavioral skills to address safety events’ root causes.

Laurent VIDAL, President at DigiRail


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